Friday, January 7, 2011

chattered, chattered, chattered ;D

Yoshh!! just wake up from a long dream,, haha.. so, after a long time and starts updating my blog again huh? there're must be something weird happened around right? hahaha,, yup, there're really something :) and these are the big one. 

First & foremost (kindly this is not a public speaking,, haha), reaching another year in my life yet becoming a norm or trifles to me before until one moment I realize that the first number in front my current age is '2'. Gosh!! hahaha.. I'm 20 years old now!! (yet according to my birthdate it is 19 >W<).. haha..  Truly I cant believe this,, reflecting my own past (from a little guy into a 'songkok' boy in SMTTM).. haaiizz,, lots of things had occurred through the journey.

Fewh.. then,, I have to accept that I have to think, react and do something according to my fellow age.. It is hard to believe that I'm a 'young adult' though~ For sure, it is the time to forget all those Peter Pan's Dreams (don't want to reach adult and just want to playing magic around with friends).. even Peter Pan himself  had to accept that one time, his mates would have already continuing life with their own commitment. 

2011 has bountiful of surprises (Iqram Khalid, 2011). Yup, I have to admit that. 2011 is a year when I started my first year of degree. It is surprising that I had already made this far, alhamdulillah..thank you Allah^^.. It has been a week for me to be as a degree student yet there is still long path that I have to go through,, Chaiyo' Gambatte neh Alep,, Fight Oh!!

p/s- Happy New Year 2011^^ n sorry for chattering bad English (long time no write though,,haha)


farah booboo said...

happy new year aliff!

aliff aniki said...

ponyo jugak^^

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