Monday, May 24, 2010

InkNeWs: The Beginning of The End ~

When the dormitory suddenly in hushed, when there were lot of free times in lecturers, when most of the classes begin to unoccupied... That means, it is near to the most phenomenon that IPGKTI's students waiting for..
The Semester Break!!!

The holiday is coming!! So, there is no reason why everybody started to packing all (almost all..haha) of their stuff in the luggage. The 2nd semester is almost comes to the end. It feels that wanna to shout loudly to the world: "Yahooo!! I'm finally free.. (though it just only for this semester,, there still lot of sems waiting.. (=.='') huuhh~). It is time to go home. Everyone is excited since "never a moment of peace" as long as to stay here. That are the only happy moments, but for the broken part is it not going to be same for the next sem.

We will be separated (all the FC2 family) into different classes. Some will go there and some will go there. We all have been together almost the time that we spent here. Together we stand and together we try not to fall. I will be missing this class quite a lot. The 'adventure' that we go through together will remain as memories. Haha.. so, that is why we have to spend our last moment together and make it the most precious one. Hope that everyone will participate the farewell party.. Lets Rock On guys!! Fight Ohh!!!

For the last word, I really want to thank all of my classmates for being my Best Classmate ever!! See you guys soon and Happy Holidays!! (don't misunderstood, this is not the 'Hari Natal' wishes..haha).. (n_n)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

InKSiGH: For A Moment~

There is something that really distracted me recently. It is all about my presence in them. I'm not sure whether 'they' really perceived as a friend because 'they' usually did not treat me like one.
Sometimes, it is really hurt. I tried to smile but there is an only tear that comes out. Pretending to be happy is not as easy as it looks. Simply how, I'm just could not understand. Try to make jokes around just to make me happy but later on, only 'lonely' that accompanies me almost the time.
I really hoped that I don't have to rely too much on them but I can't. Maybe I just expected too much from them or maybe I just not fit them; who really want to make friend with 'kampong' boy and don't have enough wealth to spend with.
I really want to join them, laugh with them and feel the joy together, feel secured and chase away my loneliness. But, what I had received is nothing more than disappointment. What I meant that is not I need 24 hours of attention or something like that. Just one bond called friendship. Nothing more ~

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

InKSiGH: BZ, BZ, BZ.........

This week is totally busy. In doing the preparation for "MACBETH" play, I also have to catch up with other subjects such as LDS and SS. It is vast relief to have such understanding lecturers like them~ (they know and understand our tiredness). There are so many works to do; memorizing the script, helping with the props, full-dressed rehearsal,.. bla bla bla, bla bla bla.... 'pendek kata, mmg banyak keje yg nak kena siapkan'.. fuuhh~

Monday, May 10, 2010

InKNeWs: 1st Apparition ~

ahh.. finally i got myself my own blog. fuuuh.. it takes some times to do it.. anyway, this is my first time to involve with (bahasa melayu cakap: nak cube2 dulu).,hehehe.. there still a lot of things that i indulge with this blogging world. so, if someone who willing to be my blogging 'sensei', i really appreciate them.. (n_n)